Saturday, December 20, 2014

The many projects of October-December

I love doing projects/units/what ever you want to call them with my kiddos.  I love how artistic they are.  I have been struggling around in my brain what to do with all the fun photos I get from when they work on their projects.  I am thinking of a book, rather than scrapbook pages in my scrapbook, but for now I want to post them here to stay organized.  I refer to my blog so much when I scrapbook, I really miss the several months when I didn't blog at all.

Here they are painting after reading the wonderful book called The Dot by Peter Reynolds.
We miss our outdoor room so much.  Will be the first thing getting done next spring.
Darla playing with rice while Brother is at school.  Wearing of course her butterfly wings from Grandma Elena - she loves being a princess.

 We gathered leaves and flowers, pressed them, and then they made beautiful pictures.
 Added some seeds to the pictures

Happy Halloween

Grandma Great brought us so many fun decorative gourds, we couldn't help but draw some of our own. 

Desmond working on money
 Darla working on the alphabet puzzle.
 My kids love working in the kitchen, so I have gathered some small utensils for them.  Still very dangerous, but that is why they like them so much

Corralling the horses

Poppin beads

 Learning about lizards!!

This is one of my favorites.  The kids worked in their science lab for days.  This was by far the thing that entertained them the longest.  Baking Soda and Vinegar are cheap entertainment. 

 Desmond asked for the kit shown in the photo below, so I went around the house and rounded him up the kit that is shown above.  That my friends is a $90 savings with the 2 labs coats I found for them. 

 I took so many pictures of them, cause they are so cute working together in the lab.  Desmond discovered all on his own how to keep the colors separated.  I was so proud of him.

We painted eggs
 and rocks

Made thank yous for the wonderful time we had at the farm

 Found these scales super cheap at Good Will, Desmond went around the house basically weighing everything

 I love Desmond's Body that he drew.  I did the outside silhouette, and he added all the bones, muscles, organs, and veins.
 Then he helped Darla make one when she woke up from nap

I had so much fun watching them decorate for the Holidays.  We were a little slow at doing this, but at least we did it before January.  

 Darla's completed winter scene, complete with the salt and pepper shakers.  This made me laugh behind my hand.  She wanted her book propped open, and that is what Mom always uses when propping up a book. 
 Desmond took a long time on his, making sure everything was in the right place :)


  1. No wonder your kids are so ambitious--they take after their Mom! LOVE all your projects for them to do!

  2. This is just so very neat. Love seeing all these pictures!

  3. Looks like everyone has lots of energy and fun at your house!