Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mud Pie Kitchen

 This mud pie kitchen has been the best ever entertainment for my kiddos for about a 1/2 a year now.  Darla really started joining in on the fun when she started walking (4 months ago).  This is one thing that my kids can do together.  There is not much to it.  You just mix and mix and dump, and mix to your hearts content.  The mud pie kitchen really took off when I stole/borrowed this sorter thing from Jeff. It is made for the garage for nut/bolts/etc.  P.S. there are a ton of great sorters at the hardware store - check it out if you need some.  Anyways, I fill up the 8 compartments with flour, sugar, beans, old cereal, coffee (they love this one for the smell), rice, cornmeal, or what ever I can find in my cupboards.  They aren't allowed to use any water with the kitchen until it is summer.  Water gets out of control very fast with Desmond, so they would be cold in 5 min.  Instead, this will keep them busy up to a good hour - YES!  I moved it up on the porch, where the snow melts the fastest, and it always seems hottest up on the porch, so basically they can play year round.
P.P.S. This is why the neighbor girl is always begging her Grandma to please can I go play with Desmond.


  1. SO much fun--thanks for sharing! Their imaginations can go to work! Fun to see great, great grampa Kienke's radio cabinet made into shelves!