Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Darla started coloring/drawing/scribbling in Dec
 She is our little climber
 and one of her favorite spots to climb is on the coloring table
 I love this photo - once a month it is a looong morning as Darla waits for Fletcher to get washed/dried so he is ready to go again at nap time.
 Climbing again - helping Daddy hang the new ceiling fan
 Desmond is a very good colorer - such concentration
 Playing Dr, although I'm not sure how they know how to do this - we are rarely at the Dr. - very thankful for healthy kids.
 Playing in the rice bin together so nicely down by the wood stove
 Enjoying sledding while we can.  In CO if it snows you have to race out, or it is gone the next day
 Rice in the dump truck
Such afantastic sensory activity for them


  1. Yay! A blog update! Such precious kiddos.
    Auntie Anna

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet kids!

  3. But of course it's best to sit ON the coloring table while creating art!! So sweet to see your two playing together.