Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Desmond's August Projects

 You know everyone is having fun when the house looks like this!
 So many hours spent playing/tasting this bag of noodles

 This was another idea I saw oneline

 Nature project - from things that we found on the way to the pool
 So artistic

 Glueing paper
 Add water to the sandbox and you have hours of fun
 Building and building
 The sculpture was Desmond's favorite project of the month I would say
 Even Darla likes the sandbox/water - she just eats too much of it

 The finished/painted sculpture - this project took a couple of days
 Glueing plastics - if you can glue it we don't throw it away
 Painting - when it is dry you take the tape off and have a beautiful picture
 He is starting to get into the mud pie kitchen a lot more
 Trains trains trains
 Even Darla likes the trains

 Chalk with paint brushes for blending
 Shaving cream and matchbox cars = instant car wash
Desmond got all the stars filled up on his good behavior chart, and so he got to pick out what he wanted from the toy store - finger paints.  

I don't think I will be taking as many pictures of projects, since it is getting a little unlimited - and then I will want to scrap them all.  We love doing projects - they have slowed down a little in September, but when it gets colder I'm sure they will pick up more and more.


  1. Our grandkids have the best preschool teacher ever!!!

  2. Wow - you have so many neat, creative ideas for keeping him busy!

  3. I just love to see these projects, I need to remember where to come to when I need some. I think of the messes my kids used to make around here, but they sure did have fun!