Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Cozy Home

 The week of Monday the 6th, was a busy week for me.  Particularly Mon and Tue.  I was trying to rearrange the house to meet out needs, can salsa, make soup for a soup pot luck that I attended, and it was my turn to watch the sweet neighbor boy.  I was afraid we were going to loose him in our mess, but his mom was able to find him.  Of course I put off making salsa all weekend, so it HAD to be done Mon.  That morning while putting together IKEA furniture, I sliced my finger and that made chopping jalapenos and dicing tomotoes extra fun. 
 Here is the end result.  I was pleased with how many jars I got, and my kitchen got cleaned too.  The pile on the counter is a gift for Baby Simon, that I was happy to get in the mail on Fri.
This last month Desmond has moved into his own room.  It has been bittersweet.  I'm not sure if he was ready for the move, but our current arrangement was no longer working for us.  We made his room fun with John Deere sheets, and a fun book shelf that is accessible from the bunk bed-full of fun reading material.  There have been a couple of nights where Desmond has asked to sleep in our room, but for the most part the transition has went very smoothly.  Jeff misses having him on the floor beside him, so this is where I will find Jeff some mornings.  Sure glad this bunk bed comfortably fits two!

Our outdoor room turned into our nature room filled with rocks, bird books, binoculars, etc.  Now that winter is approaching, I have been trying to winterize the outdoor room, which means it needs to come inside.  The lovely stand (we call it the nature table) is from IKEA, and I love that you can choose if you want to add cupboards/drawers/baskets, and the placement is all your choosing.  

 I originally wanted the nature table in the living room because we use it all the time, and it is beautiful.  We live in a cozy home, so everything must be very functional.  I rearranged the house several times, and the nature table landed in Desmond's room, because it had the most extra space available.  

 In our living room, we have the craft table, which I wasn't willing to move b/c it gets used all the time. 

We thought about combing the nature table and the Bible table. (Donating one of the shelves for our Bibles)  We had the nature table here for a while, but missed our original arrangement, so into Desmond's room it went.  Since our home is cozy, it really doesn't take that much longer to run to Desmond's room to grab the binoculars when we want to bird watch. 

 I just love the Kallax shelving system so much, that I got 2 and put the other one under Desmond's bunk.  I love how organized this seem to make our house - which is another bonus when you live in a cozy house.  Desmond in particular has never really played with toy toys, so I struggle a bit finding him activities.  He does so well with his natural play and nature table, and now we are basically ready for winter.
If I have a little extra time in the day I throw something from the rotating toy box into the 'surprise basket'.  The kids love this, and Desmond can tie a shoe now that he has practiced on the lacer from Uncle Mark.

After dropping brother off at K, Darla has been in the habit of chanting 'technology, technology, technology' as soon as we get home.  I don't mind her being on the computer, but all the fussing to get on it was mild compared to the fussing that occurred when it was time to go pick up brother.  It was too much fussing for this mom, so now she gets to do a 'preschool activity' and no more technology in the a.m.  As you can see she misses it very much - not.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary 10/6/06

Wow, I can hardly believe that we have been married for eight years.  We celebrated on Sunday, since we know our Mondays are usually swamped.  (and that Mon. turned out to be especially busy - I hope to blog about that if I have time).  So our Sunday consisted of Sweet Fellowship in the a.m., lunch, nap and then off to Denver.  We went to IkEA, Papadeaux's, and the Lollicup for the ride home.  The kiddos went with us.  We decided that there will probably be several years in a row down the road where we will have to celebrate alone because our kids will be traveling down their own roads, but for now we are all traveling on the same path and try to make the most of it.  Then Monday arrived, and I had the IKEA hangover that you get from visiting that store.  Your brain is just buzzing with new ideas and all sorts of inspiration for your cozy home.  Plus, you are trying to read Swedish directions to put together the items you purchased.  (J/K, the directions are super easy to follow).  But I found myself thinking of our anniversary on Monday after I dropped Desmond off at school.  I thought of all the special people who attended our wedding and all the generous gifts that we received.  And while I understand that they are just earthly items, we are still using them today and every day we are reminded of the special people they came from.  I made a huge list in my brain and then I told Jeff what I was thinking, and he added a bunch more item.  Just to list a few:  every morning we use the coffee pot and bean grinder from D and D Cronk and B and J Nesvog; still love my crock pot from the J and S Kringle; we still sleep under the comforter from Jeff's Dad and Sister (we have talked about getting a new one, but always decide this cozy one is best); every other day I use the blender from Jeff's cousin to make my kiddos their green smoothie; several time a day I look at the clock from M and B Colburn and then I glance at the atomic clock from a lady who is very dear to us to make sure there hasn't been a time change or dead batteries in the other;  the trellis from my parents that we got married under is still in our backyard, and the list goes on and on and on.  These people not only supported us at our wedding, but are still in our lives today.  We are so thankful for those who are strong pillars to us, and we are very thankful for the wonderful friends that we have.  It has been a fantastic 8 years.  Anniversary Gift  Wall Art Husband by SusanNewberryDesigns on Etsy, $15.00

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have been trying to do a little here and there, but now I need to finalize, so they are ready to print.  So here are some that I'm working on . 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Trip to Arizona

Happy happy kids
 At the park

 Feeding the bunt beet tops from supper

 Working it out in the garage - much too noisy for Sally
 Now there are four in the hammock
 Seeing some real live donkeys - made Darla's day
 Seeing all the creatures of the desert - sure glad they are in cages
 Darla did not want to get very close
 Desert lizard
 Getting ready to hike

 The desert was blooming
 watching the bumble bees

 Play-dough fun
Watching our airplane

It was a little stressful to make the trip without Dad, but we are glad that we did it.  We had so much fun seeing our special cousins, and I didn't loose a kid at the airport.  Phew.

Demsond's video


Desmond wooing the bunny!!  He is so sweet.

Saturday, March 23, 2013